Behaviour Management

Behaviour management is an important part of a school's strategy. Connect can help staff record the conduct of pupils in a quick and efficient manner. As an electronic system Connect can look for patterns of behaviour and notify staff to act on that information before things get out of hand.

    • How Does It Work?

    • Staff record behaviour issues by assigning badges to students. Once an incident has been raised, it will sit in a queue for staff to address. These incidents can be 'resolved' by the originator, re-assigned to other staff members, or referred to staff with roles relating to that student such as their Head of Department, Head of Faculty, Head of House, or the Leadership Team.

      We can work with your school to turn your old behaviour policy into an electronic format and add the benefits of an event driven behaviour management system.

      The behaviour management feature works hand in hand with Connect's rewards feature.

    • Select badge

      Select badge

    • Behaviour-tablet-portrait


    • 2 missed homeworks

      2 missed homeworks

    • A Different Point of View

      Connect's behaviour management timeline gives staff a focused view of their workload at that present time and also an overview of their department, house, year group or registration group if applicable.

      • See your workload at a glance
      • Efficient workflow
      • Clear and easy to use
    • Comprehensive

      Any type of incident can be logged in Connect. Sanctions are recorded before the incident is marked as resolved and closed. 

      Detentions can be scheduled straight from an incident and it's possible to notify parents via email automatically when this happens.

      • Collaborative
      • Engaging
      • Informative
    • Timeline single incident

      Timeline single incident

    • Pattern recognition

      Pattern recognition

    • Capture Defined Patterns of Behaviour

      Every school is different which is why Connect's behaviour management feature is fully customisable to your school's behaviour policy.

      Use Connect to spot patterns of behaviour and flag them to tutors or senior staff. Configure rules such as a certain number of incidents or when a student reaches a certain number of points.

    • Manage Detentions

    • Staff can set their own detentions or put students into one that's pre-scheduled, perhaps with a Senior Leadership Team member as the host.

      Staff are able to set any kind of detention and it's possible to inform all involved via email or text when this occurs.

      Leadership detentions are a useful feature as senior staff only need to record the attendance status of each student. The follow-up actions are taken by the originator of the incident.

    • Detention


    • Student Dashboard

    • The student dashboard gives staff an indication to the student's performance. Students and parents access levels can be customised according to your school's requirements.

    • Behaviour Dashboard Tablet

      Behaviour Dashboard Tablet

    • Manage Multiple Incidents at Once

    • Set multiple detentions, add comments, or reassign incidents to other members of staff at the same time.

    • Multiple Sanctions

      Multiple Sanctions

  • What Teachers Say

    I like the daily summary email so I know how my tutor group are behaving. It means I can have a quick chat before things escalate, or let my community leader know so she can have a chat with persistent offenders.

    Registration Tutor Ormiston Six Villages Academy
  • What Parents Say

    I used the Connect application to book my teacher consultations. I am impressed with the Connect software - a nice user experience. Moreover my son was very happy not to have to make the bookings! Thank you for automating and simplifying this process.

    Parent The Angmering School
  • What Teachers Say

    It’s great for students to have a fully detailed account of their homework to access from home. I love the way you can attach the worksheets for the students to look at from home.

    Teacher Ormiston Six Villages Academy
  • What Parents Say

    I would just like to say what a fantastic idea this email notification system is.

    I was already really pleased that the homework site had been personalised, which made checking up on due in homework a painless task, but the weekly email is even better!

    Parent Durrington High School

Connect VLE Benefits

  • Content. Managed.

    Keep on top of your lessons and more…

  • Peace of mind as standard

    Ongoing support as part of the package.

  • Easy set up process

    Our team manages the system installation.

  • Safe and secure

    Connect boasts high levels of security.

  • Powerful and flexible

    Connect scales to any size of school.

  • Stress free administration

    Your ICT team won't be inundated with support requests.

  • Engaging and informative

    Keep parents up-to-date with weekly summary emails.

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