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      By this, it has been identified that people with disabilities can find certain Web sites hard to view correctly due to the way that they are designed and built, and the designers of this site have therefore acted accordingly to create an online presence that is as accessible as possible.

      The pages on School Apps have been designed and coded to comply with W3CXHTML and CSS guidelines to ensure that pages render correctly on users' browser software, including those making use of assistive technology such as screen readers (which read the page contents aloud to partially-sighted users).

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      All links on this site are clearly designated and the designers have striven to make sure that they make sense, especially if they were taken out of context. The use of terms such as "click here" has been avoided as these could potentially be misleading without an accurate description of what page or file the link points to.

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      Do you have any feedback or queries?

      Please do not hesitate to contact the site administrators with any feedback you may have - as previously mentioned, School Apps is committed to making this site as accessible as possible and will gladly listen to your comments.

  • What Teachers Say

    I like the daily summary email so I know how my tutor group are behaving. It means I can have a quick chat before things escalate, or let my community leader know so she can have a chat with persistent offenders.

    Registration Tutor Ormiston Six Villages Academy
  • What Parents Say

    I used the Connect application to book my teacher consultations. I am impressed with the Connect software - a nice user experience. Moreover my son was very happy not to have to make the bookings! Thank you for automating and simplifying this process.

    Parent The Angmering School
  • What Teachers Say

    It’s great for students to have a fully detailed account of their homework to access from home. I love the way you can attach the worksheets for the students to look at from home.

    Teacher Ormiston Six Villages Academy
  • What Parents Say

    I would just like to say what a fantastic idea this email notification system is.

    I was already really pleased that the homework site had been personalised, which made checking up on due in homework a painless task, but the weekly email is even better!

    Parent Durrington High School

Connect VLE Benefits

  • Content. Managed.

    Keep on top of your lessons and more…

  • Peace of mind as standard

    Ongoing support as part of the package.

  • Easy set up process

    Our team manages the system installation.

  • Safe and secure

    Connect boasts high levels of security.

  • Powerful and flexible

    Connect scales to any size of school.

  • Stress free administration

    Your ICT team won't be inundated with support requests.

  • Engaging and informative

    Keep parents up-to-date with weekly summary emails.

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